Lymphatic Drainage

Our lymphatic system is a remarkable thing! From a health, wellness and ageing perspective, it’s an important system to keep in optimal working condition. Why? …..Because it is the system that cleans all other systems.

The lymphatic system has a direct effect on what we see on the surface, and what we feel is wrong with us. It’s ability to work will affect tissues, organs and systems and cause deterioration at differing rates if it’s not working. It’s possible to have a chronological age that differs to the biological age of your organs. It is possible, in fact, for different organs to have different biological ages to each other depending on how much extra work they have had to do.

The lymphatic system circulates lymph and we have twice as much lymph as we do blood. This lymph cleans all the rubbish produced by cells as well as foreign matter. This whole system is powered by your breathing and the contraction of muscle. If the movement of the lymph stopped entirely you would be dead in a matter of hours.

The lymph system’s primary function is to isolate infection and cellular detritus from the rest of the body and deal with it. The organs of elimination – skin, kidneys, liver, bladder, small and large intestines – all need to be doing their jobs properly to prevent the lymphatic system from becoming overwhelmed with wastes. If it does get overwhelmed or blocked (due to illness, surgery, toxic overload, lack of activity), lymph fluid backs up. Stagnant lymph can be stored within lymph nodes for a long time but eventually this becomes too toxic for the body to handle.

Once the lymph system is overloaded it chugs like a brackish river and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. Since lymph travels through the entire body, chronic lymph blockages produce diverse symptoms such as allergies and food sensitivities which tend to worsen over time, frequent cold and flu infections, joint pains, headaches and migraines, menstrual cramps, arthritis, breast tenderness, sinusitis, loss of appetite, gastro-intestinal issues, muscle cramping, tissue swelling, fatigue, mental fuzziness, mood irregularities, depression, parasites, breakouts, acne, cellulite. In general, you may feel tired and toxic.

Stagnant lymph can also interfere with the system’s ability to cleanse bacteria and cancerous or diseased cells from organ tissue.  Lymphatic tissue is where much of our immunity originates, and because the digestive tract is the main path of entry for bacteria, allergens, heavy metals, moulds, fungi, chemicals etc, there is an entire group of lymphatics designed to defend the gut.

Our lymphatic drainage treatments utilize our Photonic Wellness laser to open up lymphatic vessels and move lymph through ducts and filters throughout the whole body. It’s an amazing treatment because firstly it’s incredibly powerful with our clients reporting immediate changes after their first treatment, and secondly it is deeply relaxing for both the mind and body as the laser also initiates the release of neurotransmitters which have a calming effect.  The unique properties of the laser light penetrate where no manual method can reach, making this treatment work on a completely new level. Treatment takes 1 hour.

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