Firstly let me say we are not acupuncturist and our laser treatments are not truly acupuncture since no needles are used.

Our laser acupuncture (Laser Auriculotherapy) differs from traditional needle acupuncture in that the low intensity laser energy energizes Chi and Yang whilst the traditional achieves more of a balancing effect which is controlled by the manipulation techniques of the acupuncturist.

Our training is specific and used mostly on the acupuncture points of the ear for the detection and treatment of healing blockages and addictions which includes nicotine, alcohol, other drugs and weight loss. We also use other points on the face and body that correlate to help balance withdrawal symptoms for addictions. This treatment is very effective to assist patients to give up smoking, alcohol and other dependencies and minimize withdrawal symptoms.

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Sharon Lee has grown her business in Emerald by her professionalism and dedication to holistic beauty therapy. She has continued to educate herself and through thorough research has been able to offer the Central Highlands with "city" products and services. Her beauticians have transformed my skin from the results of 45 years of untreated acne. I was experiencing breakouts in my 50's and through enzyme treatments, peels and using her products I have seen my skin regain its clarity and softness and see my pigmentation patches drastically reduced. My mother has been having "pain management" laser therapy which has meant Mum has not been reduced to life in a wheel chair. Amazing! I would recommend CH Laser Therapy to absolutely everyone! You will be truly looked after and treatment will be to your individual requirement.
- Del Harms

Very professional service. Know what they are talking about. Very friendly and helpful staff.
- Louise Marshall

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