Budgeting For Skin Care During Tough Times

While it may seem that when money is tight, a cheapie product will do, but the fact is you can do more with less of the good stuff. When looking to cut costs on your skin care regime, remember the investment you have already made and reduce the number of products you use. As a very basic example; most people overuse their products in terms of the amounts needed. Cut back on cleanser, or use your brush. When you use your brush you can use 1/3 less, fluff it up all nice and frothy and you can usually do two cleanses with that small amount (think baby baby pea size). If you are using serums, use half a pump instead of a whole pump, and use it only once a day. If you need to replace serums but can’t afford to, that’s ok, skip them for now and stick to the very basics. With winter coming on these should be, Cleanser, Mist, Oil and Creme. Why?

Well, you need to wash with something (and do not even consider soap!) as that is critical to keeping your oil and water balance optimal. Don’t skimp on a cheap nasty cleanser that could strip your skin and cause all kinds of problems. Your treatment mist (whichever one has been prescribed for you), is an active product that adds water to your skin and contains a lot of other goodies to protect, repair, and support your skin, so don’t get rid of that one. Our fractionated oil products, such as Seba E or Herbal Pigment Oil, strengthen and repair the lipid bilayers of your skin and are essential to prevent water loss. This is especially so leading into winter when the air gets dryer and your circulation slows. You might already be noticing more dead skin cells on your arms and legs. Mist + Oil = a perfectly balanced acid mantle which protects your skin from assault by the environment, and most importantly protects your skin from invasion of bacteria and other pathogens. Your treatment creme can be considered direct skin nutrition, so it’s important for giving your skin what it needs on a daily basis. With the transdermal nature of these products they are stored in the skin for hours where cells can take up what they need as they need it.

If the budget is super tight right now, the barest minimum is Cleanser, Mist + Oil. These three products will keep your skin hydrated and protected and still provide basic nourishment to get you through.

So to all our lovely clients, don’t give up if money is tight – hang in there – reduce amounts, reduce the number of products, see us when you can for that little bit of extra oomph you might need. Things will get better!

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