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When Danne Montague-King set out to create a make-up range, he started from scratch – not merely copying what had already been done before. In collaboration with make-up artists, and with his scientific background, Danne created something unique.

  • Highly pigmented for the best coverage and flawless youthful skin.
  • Advanced capability to camouflage and conceal  facial imperfections.
  • Contain anti-oxidants and botanical extracts to nourish and moisturize the skin.
  • Compatible with all DMK skin regimens.
  • Long wearing – forget those multiple touch-ups!
  • Water resistant.
  • Heat Resistant up to 85°(186.8°F).
  • Variety of shades to match all skin tones to achieve natural facial skin tones.
  • Encapsulated pigments with natural preservatives.
  • The first cosmetic in the world to be formulated with Biocence™ Botanical Complex.
  • Smooth and silky during application.
  • OIL FREE, no harsh ingredients and good for sensitive skin.
  • Specially formulated to soften the look of fine lines and creases.

One of the enduring challenges of cosmetic ingredients is that they are placed into a formula only to have their basic properties change due to the manufacturing process. This often occurs with waxes used in cream foundations. When heated and blended with other petroleum based products, the wax changes some of its properties and the cosmetic scientist ends up with a greasy outcome that demands more raw materials to   decrease the petroleum based oils yet leave the cosmetic still flowing and easy to apply.

To remedy this situation, DMKC developed advanced  formula techniques. Not one ingredient in DMK Cosmetics is in the formula to combat or offset the properties of another ingredient that is not working in the formula. The team of experts at DMKC reasoned that since the base is only really utilized in the application process and in touch-ups, a blend of silicones and raw materials would enable DMK Cosmetics to be applied sheer while still providing adequate cover. After the application is complete, part of the base disappears and the binders and raw materials that make the cosmetic long lasting and waterproof take over.

The majority of cosmetic companies use standard pigments that are inexpensive. One such ingredient is titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is used as an ‘opacifier’ in cosmetic formulas, essentially something which works with pigment to reflect the colour of the cosmetic. The combination of titanium dioxide and pigment give the cosmetic a ‘pigment percentage’, which can be anywhere from 10% in liquid makeup to 30% in cream makeup.  In DMKC it is 53%.

However, flat cutting of titanium dioxide pigment in a cosmetic has the tendency to accentuate fine lines and wrinkles by lying inside wrinkles and reflecting light in one direction. This also causes an ashy look when the foundation is not matched perfectly with the skin. At DMKC, the titanium dioxide pigment is ground in a  revolutionary way that creates micro-sized small ovals that are not cut flat. The final challenge was the tendency of cosmetics to ‘melt’ at body temperature. Who wants to wear something that will melt at body temperature? The DMKC foundations do not melt at body temperature thus they do not slide around the face or become shiny.

Danné’s proudest offering to the DMKC range is the Crème Glacé – a very unusual primer that not only masks wrinkles by bouncing light off them, but forms an occlusive shield all over the face and neck. This enables the make-up to glide on like butter appearing smooth and tight and fresh for 12 hours or more.

With all that attention to detail, there is also an extensive range of premium quality brushes for every application, and a wonderful brush cleaner to keep them in top condition forever.


glomineral Makeup, Emerald, Queenslandglominerals make-up is formulated using powerful pharmaceutical-grade antioxidants, natural, high-pigment minerals and broad spectrum UV protection. These products are designed to deliver a flawless complexion while improving the health and appearance of the skin and protecting it.

Bases are available in powders and liquids, the glominerals bases provide a multi-function advantage with a single application for a foundation, powder and concealer all in one, with the added benefits of broad spectrum UV protection and vitamins A,C,E,K and Green Tea Extract.

For every beautiful complexion, there is a perfect blush, a seamless bronzer, or a shimmer powder to highlight and accentuate it. These natural mineral formulas are delivered through a colour palette representative of the richest plums, nudes, roses and earth tones.

The eyes – the most delicate area of the entire face – gets an equally gentle formulation. Our richly pigmented eye shadows and pencils enable flawless, non-sensitizing blending for expert shading and contour, while our lip products are formulated to deliver full, luscious lips in colours ranging from natural nudes to calypso pink. gloGloss, gloLip stick, gloLiquid lips and our signature gloMoist lip treatment work luxuriously to deliver intense moisture and antioxidant treatment benefits, proving healthy lips and serious lasting colour co-exist. beautifully.

And for great skin care make-up, precision tools are essential. Glominerals offer a complete range of brushes for every application. Each brush head is assembled with acute precision to enable ideal control and placement of product on the skin. All brushes are natural, washable and recommended both for professional and personal use.

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