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Facial treatments, Emerald, QueenslandWe have a range of Facial Treatments designed for maximum results, and there is one to suit every skin condition. So whether you have something you wish to treat, or just want to relax, we have a treatment for you. Because our Facial Treatments are designed around your individual skin’s needs after analysis and consultation we canĀ ensure you always receive the best treatment combination for your skin. This is essential to get the best results for you. Check out our Paramedical Section for our skin revision treatments.

Your skin will feel fresh and revitalized!

Here are a few of our specially designed Facial Treatments. Your consultation will determine which is the best treatment for you.

Advanced Hydration Treatment

This treatment hydrates your skin at a cellular level through the use of our amazing Dermoelectroporation (DEP) delivery system. This system can push large molecules into the skin that would normally not be able to enter. Our infusion consists of a range of peptides and hyaluronic acid to increase dermal hydration (not just on the surface), for long term repair, increase water volume, keep it there, and give your skin back its bounce as well as gentle exfoliation, masque treatment and massage. You will look and feel great!

Lighten and Brighten

Healthy skin has an even colour, and this treatment works on balancing overall skin tone to give you an even and fresh complexion day after day. Special actives combine in this unique treatment to immediately brighten your skin and with a host of other goodies and a relaxing massage you will both look and feel refreshed.

Fresh and Plump

This treatment works threefold: firstly to flush fresh blood through the entire capillary network of your face and neck to remove stagnant wastes, stagnant blood, and bring in fresh oxygen and nutrition whilst also removing dead cell build up; secondly to repair damaged blood vessels with our amazing DEP system which contains specialized peptides; and thirdly, to lift your skins water levels at a dermal level to improve skin colour, hydration and firmness.

Clean and Clear

Blemished and congested skins need specialized attention and this treatment is designed to clear blackheads, congestion and pimples, whilst calming redness and inflammation. This treatment removes dead cells, proteins, detoxifies and purifies, all in one!

Laser Energizing

When skin no longer has the energy to perform its functions, it begins to look tired and drained and every effort you make to improve it, never seems to last. Laser therapy has the unique ability to restore energy levels to the skin due to its nature–every beam of laser contains tiny packets of energy which all travel at the same speed–these packets of energy can be easily absorbed and utilized by the cells. Once energy is restored, the cell then has the “juice” to get back to working at peak efficiency.

Relax and Unwind

Sometimes you just want to chill out, let your cares and troubles disappear and be right in the moment, feeling pampered, feeling indulged. This treatment includes cleanse, detox, flush and exfoliation, and massage, massage, massage to put a smile on your dial, a pep in your step and a tingle in your spine!

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Feels great and relaxing. Friendly and informative and helpful. For all skin types.
- Bernadette Brewer

I am overjoyed at the vast improvement in my mobility and strength that has occurred during the course of my laser therapy. I would highly recommend laser treatment...
- Dale Dzundza

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