Enzyme Therapy

Enzyme Therapy – Making Your Skin Function Again

Our Skin Revision Systems are world class and incorporate multi combination treatments to revise complex skin conditions. Every treatment is designed around the needs of your skin and is tailored to progress as your skin changes.

When it comes to complex skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, rosacea, sun damage and ageing, to name but a few, there is no one size fits all. A lot of treatments and products are designed to treat only the symptoms, but what you see on the surface is telling you what is going on within the skin. In order to make changes we must work with the skin to revise what is not functioning properly, keeping in mind that the skin is an organ and will respond to chemistry it recognizes.

Our enzyme therapy treatments lay at the heart of skin revision because they work on all levels of the skin. Combined with our extensive experience, tools and education, you can have the skin you’ve always wanted.

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Acne was the condition that got me passionate about skin – having suffered with it since I was 12 years old, it was a natural progression into this field to help others with this often debilitating condition. Acne is complex and affects each person differently, with varying degrees of severity. Traditional approaches always focus on drying out the bacteria and oils in the skin. This often improves the condition initially, but fails to make the changes necessary to resolve it, and in fact, often ends up perpetuating the condition over a much longer time. Our approach delves into all the complexities of this condition to resolve it fast, promote maximum healing, skin function and minimize or eliminate scarring, all without medication. As an acne sufferer myself, I am passionate about resolving this condition and giving you the skin you will love to see in the mirror.


Pigmentation is one of the most difficult conditions to treat due to the complexity of causes and way in which it is made in the skin. There is no instant, quick fix product that does it all. You cannot scrub, rub and peel it off. BUT, all is not hopeless! Our enzyme therapy, education, products and tools, all work together to revise away pigmentation, progressively and safely.

Although pigment appears to be on the surface, it is in fact made in the lower levels of the epidermis by a cell called a melanocyte. Different ethnicities produce different amounts of pigment, but we all have roughly the same amount of melanocytes. When these cells are activated, a complex chemical reaction occurs which results in the pigmentation we see on the surface. The cause may be the sun, trauma or hormones, or a combination of all three. As a result, there is a right way and a wrong way to treat pigmentation. One of the fundamentals is that pigmentation is a defence mechanism, so over-treating the condition can make it worse. In this way the skin must be respected and treated in a way that will restore correct skin function. Pigmentation must be treated specifically, with care and knowledge, and gradually to get the best results.


Ageing is best understood as a deterioration of cellular function, which occurs as a result of complex metabolic and environmental processes. We can’t stop it, but we can change the way it progresses by revising the skin’s function to an optimal state. If every cell functions optimally for as long as possible, the effects of ageing can be managed so you look as good as you can for as long as you can. If you think of the skin as a factory, then in order to maintain factory output, all elements have to be optimal. In this way we have an enormous range of tools at our disposal to get your skin factory working at peak condition. If your skin factory has been burnt to the ground by the sun and lifestyle, then we need to rebuild that factory before it can start working again. Enzyme therapy treatments work on every cell by nurturing all the processes your skin needs to function well, including oxygen, collagen, elastin and a hundred other molecules that keep our skin firm, bouncy and healthy. We also have unique muscle banding enzyme therapy treatments that strengthen the facial muscles and the skin’s attachments to tighten and tone your skin for the truest age management.

And Everything In-Between

Because enzyme therapy works on every level of the skin and the way it functions, it’s suitable for everyone. Whether you have some blackheads, congestion, blemishes, these can all still be treated with our enzyme treatments. If your skin is dull, lifeless, blotchy, red or anything in-between, then we have the treatment to get your skin working well again. When your skin is functioning well it just naturally glows!

So give us a call to find out how you can benefit from enzyme therapy.

Enzyme Therapy


Sharon Lee has grown her business in Emerald by her professionalism and dedication to holistic beauty therapy. She has continued to educate herself and through thorough research has been able to offer the Central Highlands with "city" products and services. Her beauticians have transformed my skin from the results of 45 years of untreated acne. I was experiencing breakouts in my 50's and through enzyme treatments, peels and using her products I have seen my skin regain its clarity and softness and see my pigmentation patches drastically reduced. My mother has been having "pain management" laser therapy which has meant Mum has not been reduced to life in a wheel chair. Amazing! I would recommend CH Laser Therapy to absolutely everyone! You will be truly looked after and treatment will be to your individual requirement.
- Del Harms

If you would like to experience a life rewarding experience this is the place to visit.
- Lyn Legg

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