Paramedical skin treatments, Emerald, QueenslandParamedical Corrective Skin Treatments are designed to address all your skin concerns by improving the function of your skin. When your skin is functioning optimally it looks great. 

Our treatments work with the internal function and structure of the skin to get to the core of skin problems and concerns. Total skin revision, resulting in fresher, younger looking skin can only come through a process of removal, rebuilding, protecting and maintaining.

There is no single substance or treatment that works a miracle. Our approach to skin revision is a partnership between client and therapist, working together to achieve a desired outcome.  Our paramedical treatments work with the internal function and structure of the skin to get to the core of skin problems and concerns.

We work with the body’s own chemistry to create spectacular results with progressive skin revision.

The treatments in this menu are outlines only. Each one must be professionally prescribed and a combination or number of treatments may be required to achieve desired results.

The first step is to have a personal skin consultation to determine your skins current condition, history and treatment options. Our  paramedical therapist will then outline a treatment programme for you.

Remove: Through the use of enzymes, acids, alkalines and mechanical protocols, which your therapist will determine according to your individual skin condition, we can remove dead cell material and impurities from the surface and underlying structure of the skin thereby slowing down the proliferation of new cells to the surface, remove lipofuscin (a free radical substance created by sun damage and trauma), pigmentation,  hyperkeratinization, keratoses, and much more to get your skin, not only looking healthier, younger and fresher, but functioning optimally—real results for a lifetime.

Skin cells only accept and react to chemistry they recognize. Our treatments are delivered into the voids of the skin where they store for hours, delivering active ingredients to the under-structures of the skin, whereby they can influence dermal processes. We offer the living cells a maximum environment to keep them alive longer. All our treatments contain a full complement of vitamins, co-enzymes, amino acids and proteins. A large portion of the rebuild concept is halting damage to living skin cells and building their ability to function and survive.

Protect: The skin is an organ whose function lies as much in immunity as in protection. Damage to the skin, especially sun damage is recorded in the cell’s DNA resulting in faster ageing in later years. Home protection includes sun protection, rebuilding immunity and protecting the cells from free-radical and internal and external damage.

Maintain: Home prescriptives form the basis of maintaining your skin. We do not analyse your skin based on ‘type’, but on its condition and that will vary from person to person depending on your age, history, gender and many many other variables. Your therapist will determine your own unique maintenance protocol in order to progress with treatment and will alter it as your skin progressively improves and changes.

No professional paramedical treatment can be given without the follow up use of home prescriptives. So, to get the desired results, you must work with the therapist to feel the full benefits of such a treatment.

Unlike cosmetic treatments, which provide a limited result and cannot treat complex skin conditions or disorders, our paramedical skin treatments are both effective and active. You will therefore be surprised by the level of changes that occur during your programme. It is important to liaise with your therapist whenever you are unsure of anything—communication is vital.  You will also be asked to read and sign different consent forms which contain information on outcomes, what to expect etc so that you can make informed choices and understand each treatment that your therapist recommends.

Once you have achieved your desired goal your therapist will recommend a maintenance regime to maintain your skin and respond to changes that may occur over time.  Skin is a living organ responsible for immune function and protection.  As such it responds to external and internal changes and in order to keep it functioning optimally, requires care and maintenance over the course of your life.  We believe that no other system of professional treatment and home maintenance can keep pace with the needs of your skin throughout all stages of your life.



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Before I found your clinic I was considering surgery for my baggy eyelids but since having the laser treatments I don’t need to worry about it. I’m really happy with the way the treatments have worked and I don’t look like I’m tired all the time anymore. I would recommend this treatment to anyone thinking of surgery.
- G Morrison

I am overjoyed at the vast improvement in my mobility and strength that has occurred during the course of my laser therapy. I would highly recommend laser treatment...
- Dale Dzundza

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