Repair and Healing

Laser therapy has a very long list of benefits. Our lasers utilize visible red light and near infrared. These can initiate a number of photochemical responses in cells and target multiple cellular components such as organic pigments, mitochondria, proteins and cell membranes to name a few. This enables us to target different tissues of the body such as connective tissue, muscles and tendons with a direct action on specific types of cells such as the fibroblast (which produces collagen and other structural proteins) and the phagocyte (a type of white blood cell) just to name a couple.

This means that we are able to assist the body with healing responses by regulating many cell functions. When it comes to wounds and inflammatory skin conditions such as non-healing ulcers and eczema, laser therapy is able to mediate inflammatory pathways to increase the speed of tissue repair and improve the body’s immune response.

The results speak for themselves.

The above photos are of a non-healing ulcer that despite medical treatment had not improved. At the time of our treatment, the ulcer had been present for 18 months. The ulcer was complicated by other medical problems and a skin rash. The ulcer was treated with 26 treatments over an 11 week period.

This second photo is of a complex fungal condition (orthokeratosis, acanthosis, spongiosus, dermal perivascular lymphocytic inflammatory infiltrate favoured as a dermatophyte) and had been unresponsive to medical treatment for 8 months. The photos don’t do the condition justice though as it was itchy, swollen, inflamed and was prone to laceration at the slightest bump. 12 treatments were performed over a 4 week period to resolve the problem with no recurrence.


At Laser and Dermal the treatments are always of the highest quality, with the staff always willing to accommodate client wishes as much as possible. The staff always display a high level of nurturing and care for their clients, and this, I feel, is almost as important as the quality of services that they deliver.
- Diane Armstrong

Sharon Lee has grown her business in Emerald by her professionalism and dedication to holistic beauty therapy. She has continued to educate herself and through thorough research has been able to offer the Central Highlands with "city" products and services. Her beauticians have transformed my skin from the results of 45 years of untreated acne. I was experiencing breakouts in my 50's and through enzyme treatments, peels and using her products I have seen my skin regain its clarity and softness and see my pigmentation patches drastically reduced. My mother has been having "pain management" laser therapy which has meant Mum has not been reduced to life in a wheel chair. Amazing! I would recommend CH Laser Therapy to absolutely everyone! You will be truly looked after and treatment will be to your individual requirement.
- Del Harms

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