Pigmentation & Sun Damage

Our IPYL targets all types of pigmentation, including, post inflammatory, hormonal and solar.

For pigmentation one to two treatments are required depending on the type of pigmentation.

For sun damaged skins, the pigmentation is often a symptom of greater damage to the skin’s structure, so more comprehensive treatment may be required depending on the level of sun damage and the extent of improvement you require.

Some people only want the pigment removed and this can be done giving immediate visible improvement, but for others who want to repair, your therapist will design a more comprehensive programme to meet your needs and get your skin where you want it to be.

We often combine different therapies for maximum results.

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If you would like to experience a life rewarding experience this is the place to visit.
- Lyn Legg

I am overjoyed at the vast improvement in my mobility and strength that has occurred during the course of my laser therapy. I would highly recommend laser treatment...
- Dale Dzundza

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