Laser Lipolysis


We have been working with light based therapies since 1999 and hold the highest level of qualifications currently available. Our laser lipo equipment is manufactured in the UK by a  medical grade laser manufacturer with more than 20 years experience in manufacturing high quality equipment.

Non-invasive, natural and drug-free, our laser lipolysis treatments can reshape your body whether you are looking for general centimetre loss or simply to tackle that stubborn area which you just can’t budge. This amazing technology, though only recently introduced, is a fabulous new addition to the well-researched and tested family of low level laser therapies.


Low level laser is used in general practice around the world for healing, pain relief and non needle acupuncture and has been extensively researched over decades. Laboratory research has demonstrated that varying powers and wavelengths of laser light have different effects on the cells of the body. With the Lipo Treatment, the adipose cells, commonly known as fat cells, react to particular wavelengths of the red laser light delivered at a particular energy density. The application of this laser light results in the cell producing a lipase enzyme which helps break down the triglyceride cell contents into glycerol and fatty acids. It also makes the cell walls more permeable allowing the fatty acids to pass through them more easily. These fatty acids are then transported via the lymphatic system and become readily available as fuel for the body. This therefore triggers the natural process of releasing these contents from the fat cells as if the body was calling upon them for its energy. Without their triglyceride content, the fat cells take up less space resulting in the inch-loss effect. In practical terms the effect is immediate and although a course is recommended for best results measurable cm-loss is usually achieved directly after the first treatment. The body of evidence for the clinical success of this therapy continues to grow as does its popularity with clients both men and women.


Each treatment course begins with a guided client consultation to fully understand your wishes and to ensure that there is no medical problems of concern. Treatment itself consists of the application of red laser light to the problem areas using a number of smooth bars each containing 6 laser diodes gently held to the body with fabric wraps. The light passes through the skin without damage or thermal effect (no heat) and causes the biochemical reaction in the cells. The lymph nodes local to the treatment area are simultaneously stimulated with dedicated lymph probes to aid the transmission of fatty acids away from the area. Treatment of each problem area requires 10 minutes. For small areas only 1 or 2 treatments might be necessary, for larger areas and for best results a course of 8 treatments on a twice weekly regime is recommended. Alternatively you can determine with your consultant other regimens suitable to you. One of the best things about this treatment is that it is flexible. Light exercise provided in the clinic post treatment is also recommended to further facilitate the process and aid lymphatic drainage – a 10 minute session using a recumbent bike is ideal. This exercise is intended to be a slow pedal to stimulate the lymph system. Alternatives can be recommended for those with physical disabilities. The treatment is hands-free and relaxing. Measurements are taken before and after each treatment and the total centimetre loss is simply the difference between these. The results are so impressive that clients not only tell us about it but they tell their friends too.

For many of our clients Laser Lipolysis is a great way to quickly and easily fit into that special item of clothing, or is the perfect boost to give you the motivation for your weight loss and body shape goals. Many of our clients have used a series of laser lipolysis treatments to remove core body fat through the mid-section, an area of special concern as we age, and an area that tends to accumulate as the years pass. Since this area affects your overall metabolism, lymphatic system and internal organ functioning, removing this fat gives your body many health benefits that surpass simple centimetre loss. For people who have physical disabilities which prevent exercise, laser lipolysis is a great way to lose centimetres and improve physical and emotional health.

Ongoing research is showing many other health benefits to this treatment.

This is also a great treatment for those of you who have reached your exercise and fitness goals but find one or two areas just won’t budge. Since everyone is unique we often find that there is that one area that no amount of exercise will shift. Laser lipolysis is a brilliant way to target those trouble spots specifically.


All the problem areas can be treated with our system—waist, midriff, back, hips, thighs, knees, arms, jowls – and the treatment is increasingly popular with men to reduce fat around the pectorals (or ‘moobs’!).


Body sculpting results are measurable by the end of each treatment and during research trials clients lost over 10% of torso circumference on average per course of treatment. This laser treatment initiates a photobiological reaction followed by a metabolic process that occurs naturally with absolutely no cell or tissue destruction, unlike medically    invasive Liposuction and other types of thermal treatments and ultrasound lipocavitation.


Totally relaxing – the lasers used are a different class from the surgical or hair removal  lasers. They work on a biochemical response to light and clients don’t feel anything   except the pleasure of relaxation and confidence that they’re on their way to a new shape.


Consultations $59.

Our consultations are  important to determine all the factors we need to consider in order to determine if you are suitable for treatment, which treatment is suitable for you, the time, the costs, the areas and any other factors that will make your treatment as effective as can be and for you to make an informed decision as to whether this treatment is for you.

We currently are offering free consultations for a limited time, so there is no cost to get all the information and determine the best treatment time and programme for you!

Treatments are:

15 minutes $44
30 minutes $69
45 minutes $95
60 minutes $120

Package prices are available for multiple treatments.



I am overjoyed at the vast improvement in my mobility and strength that has occurred during the course of my laser therapy. I would highly recommend laser treatment...
- Dale Dzundza

I suffer from leg ulcers and a swollen, tissue hardened calf. Since starting laser therapy, the ulcer is gone, the swelling reduced and the tissue has softened and the procedure has been pain free. The results have been outstanding and I have really appreciated the way the staff have treated me, always friendly and ready to answer all my questions.
- J Simpson

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