Acne Treatments

Acne is a complex condition to treat and requires regular care in order to resolve it.

Our IPYL targets the bacteria which cause acne for swift resolution of lesions, papules, pustules and cysts. Yellow light from the IPL travels down sebaceous glands (oil glands) and destroys the P acnes bacteria as well as shrinks the gland to reduce oil production and pore size.

We also combine IPYL with our Photonic Spa laser for reduction in inflammation, repair of scarring etc, and with our Med 9 for the treatment of red lesions.

A consultation is a must to determine which treatment or treatment combination is best for you. Our Paramedical treatments may also be combined with laser therapies depending on the complexity of the condition. Clear skin can be yours!

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Before I found your clinic I was considering surgery for my baggy eyelids but since having the laser treatments I don’t need to worry about it. I’m really happy with the way the treatments have worked and I don’t look like I’m tired all the time anymore. I would recommend this treatment to anyone thinking of surgery.
- G Morrison

CHL&DTC is a haven for your body. Not only do you receive exceptional service but up-to-date and informed advice about what is best for your skin. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
- Bec Pankhurst

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