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Before I found your clinic I was considering surgery for my baggy eyelids but since having the laser treatments I don’t need to worry about it. I’m really happy with the way the treatments have worked and I don’t look like I’m tired all the time anymore. I would recommend this treatment to anyone thinking of surgery.
- G Morrison

I suffer from leg ulcers and a swollen, tissue hardened calf. Since starting laser therapy, the ulcer is gone, the swelling reduced and the tissue has softened and the procedure has been pain free. The results have been outstanding and I have really appreciated the way the staff have treated me, always friendly and ready to answer all my questions.
- J Simpson

CHL&DTC is a haven for your body. Not only do you receive exceptional service but up-to-date and informed advice about what is best for your skin. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
- Bec Pankhurst

Feels great and relaxing. Friendly and informative and helpful. For all skin types.
- Bernadette Brewer

If you would like to experience a life rewarding experience this is the place to visit.
- Lyn Legg


Very professional service. Know what they are talking about. Very friendly and helpful staff.
- Louise Marshall

At Laser and Dermal the treatments are always of the highest quality, with the staff always willing to accommodate client wishes as much as possible. The staff always display a high level of nurturing and care for their clients, and this, I feel, is almost as important as the quality of services that they deliver.
- Diane Armstrong

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